Quality in oil field operations is vital. Failure of mechanical items can waste valuable time for all contractors involved. Accordingly, NAPESCO was keen to establish very clear quality policy, procedures and practices. The industry has set many standards based on American Petroleum Institute (API), British Standards, American Welding Society, ASTM, ...etc.
Standards are set for machining, welding and fabrication. It also sets a procedure for the periodic qualifications of machinists and welders operating serving the oil field.

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Our Clients

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Health & Environment

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NAPESCO has an established HSE policy that it continuously promotes to its employees, clients and stakeholders. Safety is considered integral part of total quality system in effect at all levels and operations.

Training & Development


NAPESCO continuous training & development program has paid in the
production rate and quality achieved. NAPESCO efforts to develop locals extend beyond machine shop work to include linguistics and computer literacy.

Napesco Technical Support


NAPESCO provides technical support on the following core services:

Threading of API tubulars (OCTG)
Machining (turning, milling and drilling)
Welding & Fabrication
High pressure mechanical cleaning
Other Services:
Non-Destructive testing
Lifting Equipment inspection & certification


Napesco Contact Details


Tel: +249 183 232255

Fax: +249 183 253065

Email: info@napescoAPI.net

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